Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 - Everything is Better Now

Been a little slack here lately. Been very busy though, and in a very good way.

Of the 12 or so people who read this blog, most of you know me personally, and know that the past two years have been a major struggle.

FIRST day of the year, I wake up, and through the fog, see that I've gotten Nude Image Of The Day on for a shot done back in the summer last year. Hey Cool!

So about a month prior (late November - early December), I had asked a new friend about her job and what she did. When she told me, I asked if the company was hiring. "I think so - send me a resume". Well, nothing came of it, though it's not exactly "hiring season" around the holidays anyway. So the first business day of the year, was Monday the 4th. I wake up (in probably another fog) and see that I've gotten an email from someone I don't know. It was the owner of the company I applied to a month prior. "Hi Marty, sorry I haven't gotten back to you earlier, but if you're still interested, we'd like to speak with you. When would be a good time?" "Ummm… how about tomorrow?" "Fine - see you at two." So I felt the interview went quite well, and very informal. On the way out, one of the owners said, "I'll let you know something tomorrow, I don't like to leave people hanging." Wonderful! So Wednesday, I wake up to an email… "If you'd like to work with us Marty, we'd love to have you."


So I'm in celebration mode! Having a beer with a good friend, and I get a call from a band I had done a photograph for a couple months earlier. "Marty, we need a poster, and we need it REALLY SOON!" "Okay sure." So there's TWO jobs in one day! And it keeps getting better. No joke. The band has since commissioned me to do their album/CD design and packaging. Overpaid me for that even. Now doing a website for them. Bought me a real nice bottle of scotch - "a present from the band for all your work." Wonderful client - wonderful people!

So back to the JOB job. I didn't want another "creative" job. Didn't take one. I'm a link builder now. Coolest work environment and people. Ever. Hands down. Not even a close second. I feel very honored to work there.

Apparently, the new logo will look something like this…

With a little assistance from yet another lovely friend.

And for the first time in a LONG time, I feel very blessed in life.

2010 - Everything is Better Now.