Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Return of the Goderator

As the few of you who read this blog already know, I'm a member of a model/photographer community website called modelmayhem. Myself and another photographer are trying to organize an event here in NC, and were trying to do so in the events forum of that site.

WARNING: Reading this blog entry will possibly make you stupid, and likely think even less of me. Sometimes I just can't help myself…



Sep 29 09 12:58 pm

I'm writing about a locked thread in the events forum, titled North Carolina.


Another photographer started a thread to apparently gauge interest in organizing a meet/greet in the area.

A moderator warned that the thread would be shut down without a date and place. I asked if there would be a better forum or approach…

"As I understand it, we don't have location or date at this time. That seems to be the point of the thread - to gauge interest and to arrange details. Would there be a better forum for this?"

From that point, I suggested a specific location, and the OP suggested a loose time frame - Mid-late October.

The moderator apparently couldn't be bothered with the courtesy to respond to my question and apparently the amount of time "he would give us" was less than a day, even though steps were clearly being made to address these specifics.

How are we supposed to arrange these things? A series of private messages would not only be convoluted and take SIGNIFICANTLY more effort, but in no way would reach as large an audience.

My main/first question is, will someone unlock the thread?

I've been a member here since the very early days, and have never been "brigged" or had my account suspended. At a time when there several threads about the moderators' arrogance, I stayed out of those, though I completely agreed. I DID, however on a few occasions note that there seemed to be a change in that particular climate, when apparently there was a reorganization of mod duties, and that I was seeing less of the mods' egos and a more even-handed approach.

This smacks of the old self-important "Goderator" approach.

Events like this can only be good for MM. Traffic = revenue. I personally KNOW a couple (at least) of the moderators of the site. I consider them friends. This is an extremely indignant and condescending attitude, when a simple answer would take the same amount of time as closing the thread.

North Carolina doesn't have nearly the population of the larger metro areas, so simply saying "It's going to be this date and this place is not likely to draw as large a crowd, as if we, as a group, arrange what works best for the community at large.

How are we supposed to organize an event otherwise?

Sorry for the long message.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Allen Martin

Goderator(Identity removed)

Sep 29 09 01:15 pm
Instead of creating a new thread with location and date as originally asked, you were directing people to a thread that you knew was going to be locked in your last post. That wasn't going to help.

To answer your main / first question, the answer is no. The thread will not be unlocked.

And to answer the question of which forum is most appropriate for gauging interest for an event, the answer is the events forum as long as the thread fits within the framework that we provide.

If you want to organize an event, then start a new thread with location and date so that it'll stay open.


Sep 29 09 01:30 pm
That is why I suggested a location. The OP suggested a time frame. We could have finalized that (hopefully) within a few days.

In giving it some time, you gave it less than a day. Where's the harm in the thread being open?

"Instead of creating a new thread with location and date as originally asked, you were directing people to a thread that you knew was going to be locked in your last post. That wasn't going to help."

This is incorrect. I did not know the thread would be locked, since at least a location was suggested, and again, a date was likely forthcoming.

I even asked you specifically if there was a better way. Are your duties so all-consuming that you can't show the courtesy to actually HELP the members here?

All due respect,
Allen Martin


Sep 29 09 02:00 pm
Your time would be better spent creating a new thread than trying to get the other one unlocked.

The OP knew it was going to be locked. That's why he threw out the location suggestions. It's also clear from his reply that he wasn't going to organize it.

It doesn't seem like anyone else has a problem with this but you.


Sep 29 09 02:37 pm
Another moderator would likely be a much better option, and perhaps have less personal territorial attachment to what should be an easy issue to resolve.

There was nothing in this thread that was outside the stated forum rules. A location was included in the initial thread title.

You are wrong in everything in this response. The OP did not "throw out" a location. I did. How can you know what the OP "knew". Nothing is clear that anyone was "not going to organize it". It would seem to me that suggesting a location, and then another person suggesting a time frame, would fall squarely into organizing it. It was being organized, until you decided it should be shut down. How can you surmise that no one has a problem with this, other than me? No one else has written? The thread is locked. What do you expect?

Beyond that, you gave no reason why the thread would be (incorrectly) locked, and again, wouldn't respond to my direct question in the thread. The thread followed the rules.

The first sentence in your most recent curt reply is exactly what irritated so many people about the moderators here in 2006-07. A very heavy-handed abuse of your authority in governing a community site, in a very civil thread that (again) followed the stated rules of the forum. Instead of addressing me by name, or closing with your own, you seem to feel the need to tell me how my time would be better spent. I'm not making these statements as a personal attack, or to be rude to you. You seem unwilling to show the same respect in return.

You are simply wrong, and unwilling to admit it. You have a conflict of interest in this particular issue. You apparently NEED to be right, though it has absolutely no effect on you.


- update -

To be fair, another longtime moderator of the site did respond…

(different) Moderator (Not a douchebag)

Sep 29 09 03:58 pm
The OP stated that he can't organize the event. Someone else who can organize it should start a new thread.


Sep 29 09 04:12 pm
Okay Brian. I see that GC did state (later) that he couldn't organize it, which is why I was trying to help. I'll see what I can figure out and start a new thread.

Nonetheless, I would like to think that the moderator could be more helpful, and maybe even give a reason, or respond to the question.

Thank You,


Call me petty. So what.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love & Hate

I like several people I hate…

James MF Graham
Gary Fuckin Breckheimer
whoever the douchebag is that's fucking my favorite model
you need hatred
keeps you balanced
keeps you from being a pussy

otherwise my goddamn sunny disposition would just take over and everyone would fuckin puke when I enter the room

it'd be awful

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love & Lust

More Sissypunk.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just Time

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

God Time

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All About Them

All About Me

That's Matty Sheets shooting me, shooting him. I guess I can use a little ego boost now and then too.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Noirotica III

Last of these for now, the wonderful Nicole.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Noirotica II

Nicole again.

Sunday, September 6, 2009



Friday, September 4, 2009


Photo exhibition opening with live music tonight at The Green Bean coffee shop and gallery.

The photography was created from October 2008 through June 2009, by several Greensboro photographers at The Dotmatrix Project's live events. In addition to my own work, you will see photography by: Alex Maness, Kevin Belton, Elizabeth Lemon, Jessi Hagood, Mark Smith, Doug Klesch, Carolyn de Berry, Stephen Charles. All artwork is for sale at very reasonable (and negotiable) prices.

Three bands are scheduled to perform: Laurelyn Dossett, Mr. Rozzi, and Eating The Invaders.

There will be video by some of Greensbotro's finest talent, from the DMP events throughout the evening: Harvey Kent Robinson and the Monkeywhale group, All Aces Media, Jason Pierce, Jennifer Graves, Brett Jones, Ashely Panzera, Ioannis Batsios, Michael McQueen.

This is also in conjunction with First Fridays, so we're expecting a large turnout. If you're in Greensboro this evening, stop by and say hello.

Oh yeah, the event is FREE! However, if you just HAVE to spend some money, buy a framed photograph. I'll gladly consult anyone on which photographs to buy of course…