Friday, September 4, 2009


Photo exhibition opening with live music tonight at The Green Bean coffee shop and gallery.

The photography was created from October 2008 through June 2009, by several Greensboro photographers at The Dotmatrix Project's live events. In addition to my own work, you will see photography by: Alex Maness, Kevin Belton, Elizabeth Lemon, Jessi Hagood, Mark Smith, Doug Klesch, Carolyn de Berry, Stephen Charles. All artwork is for sale at very reasonable (and negotiable) prices.

Three bands are scheduled to perform: Laurelyn Dossett, Mr. Rozzi, and Eating The Invaders.

There will be video by some of Greensbotro's finest talent, from the DMP events throughout the evening: Harvey Kent Robinson and the Monkeywhale group, All Aces Media, Jason Pierce, Jennifer Graves, Brett Jones, Ashely Panzera, Ioannis Batsios, Michael McQueen.

This is also in conjunction with First Fridays, so we're expecting a large turnout. If you're in Greensboro this evening, stop by and say hello.

Oh yeah, the event is FREE! However, if you just HAVE to spend some money, buy a framed photograph. I'll gladly consult anyone on which photographs to buy of course…


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