Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

In shooting fashion and artistic portrait photography for the last several years, I have met some wonderful people and some less than wonderful people. I always go into a shoot with a beginning model with optimism, but somewhat restrained expectations. Recently I met a gorgeous woman named Dawn, who easily exceeded even the highest hopes. They're always good looking (why bother otherwise?) but rarely as aware and confident in their presentation as this beautiful girl. Overconfidence bothers me about as much as anything in working with a new model, as to me, the chemistry between model and photographer is extremely important. Some of my work can be a little "challenging", though a lot of it, such as the examples here, depend greatly on the model's ability to improvise and pose without being a clich├ęd posing machine. Occasionally they "just get it".

Here's to hoping there will be many more sessions.

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