Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Matty's Good Day

Back in May (yes I'm fucking BEHIND) I was at a bar speaking with Matty Sheets, wearing an absurd pair of white-rimmed shades. drunk I say "Hey let's shoot that shit tomorrow!" Matty- "Sure dude." So the next day, I'm doing a commercial shoot, and another good friend, Hurricane Rebecca calls… "HEY, I'm blowing through Greensboro, picking up Vassanta. Wanna do a quickie?" Ummm… Rebecca and Vassanta are professional models as well as friends. So, of course I wanna "do a quickie."

Rebecca drives up around 5pm. Matty (who I had NOT completely forgotten) pulls up on his bike as I'm speaking with Becca in the parking lot. So I ask Becca if she minds if there's a male "model" in the shoot. Being the babe/adventurer she is, "Sure."

Now Matty has no real idea what's going on, so I say, "Matty, yer gonna have a good day."

We shot for a total of 40 minutes. This is probably the best of it…

Matty's Good Day.

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